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Old Part Number Part Number Description
100H01 AX1200 1 lb Soft Face Dead Blow Hammer
100H02 AX1201 1.5 lb Soft Face Dead Blow Hammer
100H03 AX1202 2 lb Soft Face Dead Blow Hammer
100H04 AX1203 2.5 lb Soft Face Dead Blow Hammer
100H05 AX1204 3 lb Soft Face Dead Blow Hammer
100Y007 AX1210 No. 1 Flexible Packing Hook
100Y011 AX1211 No. 2 Flexible Packing Hook
100Y015 AX1212 No. 3 Flexible Packing Hook
100Y019 AX1213 No. 4 Flexible Packing Hook
100Y022 AX1214 No. 5 Flexible Packing Hook
100Y030 AX1215 No. 6 Flexible Packing Hook
100YC1 AX1220 No. 1 Packing Hook Replacement Tip 
100YC2 AX1221 No. 2 Packing Hook Replacement Tip 
100YC3 AX1222 No. 3 Packing Hook Replacement Tip 
724S1 AX1225 No. 10 Rigid Packing Hook
724S2 AX1226 No. 11 Rigid Packing Hook
724S3 AX1227 No. 12 Rigid Packing Hook
724P1 AX1228 No. 13 Rigid Packing Hook
724P2 AX1229 No. 14 Rigid Packing Hook
724P3 AX1230 No. 15 Rigid Packing Hook
7240RE AX1231 No. 16 Rigid Packing Hook "O" Ring Extractor 
724VS AX1232 No. 17 Valve Stem Packing Hook
100K11                         AX1300 11 Piece Standard Hollow Punch Kit
100K16                         AX1301 16 Piece Standard Hollow Punch Kit
100K27                         AX1302 27 Piece Standard Hollow Punch Kit
100A22                         AX1310 1/8" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A23                         AX1311 3/16" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A24                         AX1312 1/4" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A25                         AX1313 5/16 " Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A26                         AX1314 3/8"  Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A27                         AX1315 7/16"  Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A28                         AX1316 1/2"  Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A29                         AX1317 9/16" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A30                         AX1318 5/8" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A31                         AX1319 3/4" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A32                         AX1320 7/8" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A33                         AX1321 1" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A34                         AX1322 1-1/16" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A35                         AX1323 1-1/8"  Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A36                         AX1324 1-3/16" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A37                         AX1325 1-1/4" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A38                         AX1326 1-5/16" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A39                         AX1327 1-3/8" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A40                         AX1328 1-7/16" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A41                         AX1329 1-1/2" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A42                         AX1330 1-5/8" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A43                         AX1331 1-11/16" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A44                         AX1332 1-3/4" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A45                         AX1333 1-7/8" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A46                         AX1334 2" Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100A47                         AX1340 Handle for 11 Piece Standard Hollow Punch Kit
100A48                         AX1341 Handle for 16 Piece Standard Hollow Punch Kit
100A49                         AX1342 Handle for 27 Piece Standard Hollow Punch Kit 
100A50                         AX1343 Mandrel
100KM11                        AX1350 11 Piece Metric Hollow Punch Kit
100KM16                        AX1351 16 Piece Metric Hollow Punch Kit
100KM31                        AX1352 31 Piece Metric Hollow Punch Kit
100PM2                         AX1360 2 mm  Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM3                         AX1361 3 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM4                         AX1362 4 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM5 AX1363 5 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM6 AX1364 6 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM7 AX1365 7 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM8 AX1366 8 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM9 AX1367 9 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM10                        AX1368 10 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM12 AX1369 12 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM14                        AX1370 14 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM16                        AX1371 16 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM18                        AX1372 18 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM20                        AX1373 20 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM22                        AX1374 22 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM24                        AX1375 24 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM26 AX1376 26 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM28 AX1377 28 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM30 AX1378 30 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM32 AX1379 32 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM34 AX1380 34 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM36 AX1381 36 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM38 AX1382 38 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM40 AX1383 40 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM42 AX1384 42 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM44 AX1385 44 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM46 AX1386 46 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM48 AX1387 48 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
100PM50 AX1388 50 mm Hollow Punch Cutting Head
M312                           AX1400 Top Cutting Disc for Non-Metallic Gaskets (M3 & SM4)
M319                           AX1401 Bottom Cutting Disc for Non-Metallic Gaskets (M3)
M334                           AX1402 Cutter Set for Non-Metallic Gaskets (M3)
M325                           AX1410 2"- 22" Standard Scale Bar (M3)
M326A                          AX1411 22"- 42" Medium Scale Bar (M3)
M326B                          AX1412 42"- 62" Long Scale Bar (M3)
M327                           AX1413 Scale Bar Knurled Nut (M3)
M301                           AX1420 Thrust Bearing Housing (M3)
M303                           AX1421 Thrust Bearing (M3)
M305                           AX1422 Top Shaft Gear (M3)
M306                           AX1423 Top Shaft (M3)
M308                           AX1424 Bottom Shaft Gear (M3)
M310                           AX1425 Bottom Shaft (M3)
M304                           AX1426 Top Cutter Lifter Bearing (M3)
M320                           AX1427 Top Cutter Lifter Cam (M3)
M318                           AX1428 Handle Assembly (M3)
M332                           AX1430 Spanner Wrench (M3)
M333                           AX1431 11/32" Hole Punch (M3)
M3K01                          AX1450 Top Shaft Hardware Replacement Kit for (M3)
M3K02                          AX1451 Scale Bar Plate Hardware Replacement Kit for (M3)
M3K03                          AX1452 Scale Bar Spindle Replacement Kit for (M3)
M414                           AX1460 Bottom Cutter Geared (SM4)
M428                           AX1461 Cutter Set for Metallic Gaskets (SM4)
M429                           AX1470 Cutter Set for Non-Metallic Gaskets (SM4)
M415A                          AX1471 Top Cutting Disc for Metal (SM4)
M413                           AX1472 2"-28" Standard Scale Bar (SM4)
M413A                          AX1473 28"-54" Medium Scale Bar (SM4)
M413B                          AX1474 54"-80" Long Scale Bar (SM4)
M420                           AX1475 Scale Bar Knurled Nut (SM4)
M408                           AX1480 Scale Bar Spindle (SM4)
M409                           AX1481 Scale Bar Spindle Knurled Washer (SM4)
M412                           AX1482 Thrust Bearing (SM4)
M416                           AX1483 Spur Gear (SM4)
M424 AX1484 Bottom Shaft w/ Bevel Gear (SM4)
100H45K AX1600 Standard Duty Cutting Blades (6)
100H46K AX1601 Heavy Duty Cutting Blades (6)
100H47K AX1610 Boron Carbide-Coated Cutting Blades (6)
100H19 AX1613 Center Pin Ferrule
100H47B AX1615 Post With Offset Pin
100H47 AX1616 Pivot Post
100H47A AX1617 Extension Bar Pivot Post
100H132 AX1618 Knurled Nut For Pivot Post 
100H132A AX1619 Knurled Nut For Extension Bar
100E012 AX1620 13"-25" Dia. Extension  Bar
100E024 AX1621 > 25" Dia. Extension Bar
100A20 AX1622 Piercing Tool
100H164 100H15-2 100A21-1 AX1623 Cutter Block Fastener Kit
100H48 AX1628 Cutting Knob
100K018 AX1633 18" x 18" Cutting Board
100K024 AX1634 24" x 24" Cutting Board
100K030 AX1640 30" x 30" Cutting Board
101X03-1 AX1641 Cutter Block Assembly
101XM03 AX1650 Cutter Block Assembly, Metric
100D01-1 AX1651 Blow-Molded Case 
3/16 L-T SAP AX1800 3/16" Arch Punch
1/4 L-T SAP AX1801 1/4" Arch Punch
5/16 L-T SAP AX1802 5/16" Arch Punch
3/8 L-T SAP AX1803 3/8" Arch Punch
7/16 L-T SAP AX1804 7/16" Arch Punch
1/2 L-T SAP AX1805 1/2" Arch Punch
9/16 L-T SAP AX1806 9/16" Arch Punch
5/8 L-T SAP AX1807 5/8" Arch Punch
11/16 L-T SAP AX1808 11/16" Arch Punch
3/4 L-T SAP AX1809 3/4" Arch Punch
13/16 L-T SAP AX1810 13/16" Arch Punch
7/8 L-T SAP AX1811 7/8" Arch Punch
15/16 L-T SAP AX1812 15/16" Arch Punch
1 L-T SAP AX1813 1" Arch Punch
1-1/16 L-T SAP AX1814 1-1/16" Arch Punch
1-1/8 L-T SAP AX1815 1-1/8" Arch Punch
1-3/16 L-T SAP AX1816 1-3/16" Arch Punch
1-1/4 L-T SAP AX1817 1-1/4" Arch Punch
1-5/16 L-T SAP AX1818 1-5/16" Arch Punch
1-3/8 L-T SAP AX1819 1-3/8" Arch Punch
1-7/16 L-T SAP AX1820 1-7/16" Arch Punch
1-1/2 L-T SAP AX1821 1-1/2" Arch Punch
1-5/8 L-T SAP AX1822 1-5/8" Arch Punch
1-3/4 L-T SAP AX1823 1-3/4" Arch Punch
1-7/8 L-T SAP AX1824 1-7/8" Arch Punch
2 L-T SAP AX1825 2" Arch Punch
#1 D-T Punch AX1850 No. 1  Dovetail Punch 
#2 D-T Punch AX1851 No. 2 Dovetail Punch 
#3 D-T Punch AX1852 No. 3 Dovetail Punch
#321 D-T Set AX1855 3 Piece Dovetail Punch Kit  
S130 Set AX1860 10 Piece Power Punch Kit
C130 Set AX1861 16 Piece Power Punch Kit
130P1/4 AX1870 1/4" Power Punch
130P5/16 AX1871 5/16" Power Punch
130P3/8 AX1872 3/8" Power Punch
130P7/16 AX1873 7/16" Power Punch
130P1/2 AX1874 1/2" Power Punch
130P9/16 AX1875 9/16" Power Punch
130P5/8 AX1876 5/8" Power Punch
130P11/16 AX1877 11/16" Power Punch
130P3/4 AX1878 3/4" Power Punch
130P13/16 AX1879 13/16" Power Punch
130P7/8 AX1880 7/8" Power Punch
130P15/16 AX1881 15/16" Power Punch
130P1 AX1882 1" Power Punch
130PP AX1883 3 1/2 x 71/2" Power Punch Pad
130CP PIN AX1884 Power Punch Centering Pin
130H Handle AX1885 Power Punch Handle
130PP AX1886 7 1/2 x 71/2" Power Punch Pad
760 Basic AX2000 Compact Gasket Cutter 0-6"
760A-14 complete AX2010 Compact Gasket Cutter Kit 0-6"
B-16 AX2500 Pointed Blades (6)
B-26 AX2501 Curved Blades (6)
B-36 AX2502 Lathe-type Blades (6)
B-66 AX2503 Rounded Tip Blades (6)
P-56 AX2510 9/16" Short Center Pins (6)
P-66 AX2511 1-3/16" Medium Center Pins (6)
P-76 AX2512 1-5/16" Long Center Pins (6)
C-10 AX2520 6" x 6" Cutting Board
K-41 AX2530 Pivot Post Assembly
747C Basic AX3000 Light-duty Gasket Cutter 1-13" 
747C-12 complete AX3010 Light-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 1-13"
747C-24 complete AX3020 Light-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 1-24" 
747C-36 complete AX3030 Light-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 1-36"
B-176 AX3500 Thin Blades (6)
B-256 AX3501 Thick Blades (6)
100P03 AX3510 1-3/16" Short Center Pins (6)
100P04 AX3511 1-7/16" Medium Center Pins (6)
P-106 AX3512 1-11/16" Long Center Pins (6)
P-116 AX3513 Disc Pins (6)
E-12 AX3535 Extension Arm
H-27 AX3540 Center Pin Handle
K-48 AX3550 Pivot Post Assembly
777A Basic AX4000 Med-duty Gasket Cutter 1-13", C&A only
777A-1 complete AX4010 Med-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 1-13"
777A-2 complete AX4020 Med-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 1-24"
777A-36 complete AX4030 Med-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 1-36"
777A-4 complete AX4040 Med-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 1-48"
D-47 AX5500 Dove Tail Designer
L-37 AX5502 Bolt Hole Locator
100U13 AX6000 Hvy-duty Gasket Cutter, cutter/accessories only
100K13 AX6010 Hvy-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 0-13"
100K25 AX6020 Hvy-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 0-25"
100K37 AX6030 Hvy-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 0-37
100K49 AX6040 Hvy-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 0-49"
100K61 AX6050 Hvy-duty Gasket Cutter Kit 0-61"
100UM330 AX6100 Hvy-duty mm Gasket Cutter, cutter/accessories only
100KM330 AX6110 Hvy-duty Metric Gasket Cutter Kit 0-330mm
100KM635 AX6120 Hvy-duty Metric Gasket Cutter Kit 0-635mm
100KM940 AX6130 Hvy-duty Metric Gasket Cutter Kit 0-940mm
100KM1245 AX6140 Hvy-duty Metric Gasket Cutter Kit 0-1245mm
100KM1550 AX6150 Hvy-duty Metric Gasket Cutter Kit 0-1550mm
M3                             AX7000 M3 Gasket Cutter 
SM4                            AX7001 SM4 Gasket Cutter